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Website Wizard: Support or Development Hours (10-pack) - with Aaron

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Website Wizard: Support or Development Hours (10-pack) - with Aaron
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There’s a lot about your website that you can manage on your own, but some things are either out of your skillset or take too much time away from other things you specialize in. Have a website developer on hand to take care of it for you!

Use the hours in this package for things like:
- Creating and implementing a custom layout for a particular page
- Adding and configuring a WordPress plugin that adds new functionality
- Creating a new custom plugin that adds functionality you specify
- Making improvements recommended by Google PageSpeed Insights
- Adding a new custom re-usable template to your WordPress theme
- Installing and customizing a purchased WordPress Theme
- Adding a contact form that lets users choose the recipient from a select menu
- Adding custom Google Analytics tracking events
- Customizing a MailChimp template
- Fixing CSS display issues
- Adding new cssCSSdesigns for rules, buttons, headers, links, or other page elements
- Cleaning out a hack and hardening the website’s security to reduce future hackings
- Anything else you can think of!

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What we need from you:
  • Access to your site (WP, FTP, and control panel)
  • Detailed information about what you need done and by when.
  • If you’ve purchased a theme, plugin, or other software not publicly available, please provide URLs and logins for those as well.
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  • Does my website qualify?
  • I specialize in WordPress websites, but I can help you with website support for just about any website on any platform.
  • Can you write new plugins?
  • Yes. When you ask me for new functionality for an existing WordPress website, I will first try to find you an existing plugin that does what you need. If one does not exist, I can create a new one for you.
  • What if I don’t need 10 hours?
  • The 10-hour package is the smallest that I offer. If the work you need done takes only some of the time, I will work with you to find other ways to work on or improve your site with the remaining time.
  • Do these hours have a shelf-life?
  • Yes, the hours in your package expire 13 months after they are purchased.